Sunday 5 February 2017

Guns for Angels

Author: Viviana MacKade

Genre: Fiction, Romantic Thriller

Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing, Canada

Reviewed by: C Sreedevan

TRE Rating: ✪✪✪✪✰

Book Review: Hell breaks loose on Ann Holloway- a yoga instructor when she finds herself in a life threatening situation of which she has no clue whatsoever. She does best to run away only to lose her sister Mary the one who knew it all and instead fall into the company of a brawny stranger on a mission to help her. Mark 'the bear' knows nothing other than keeping her safe. As both disembark on a journey they know nothing about and try to find their enemies, a relation of mutual trust is built. 

The novel is fast paced, lively and has a beautiful side of romance based on mutual trust. The characters Ann and Mark are deep and would engross you into their world. A perfect combination of damsel meets hulk their story entertains you to the core. Other than an obvious ending there is nothing which could hold you back from enjoying the book.

How far would they go to save each other? Will Mark give in to his emotions for Ann? Grab your copy now! 

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