Friday 16 September 2016

Be Responsible and Let Your Greatness Begin

Author: Bheki S.V. Ntshingila

Genre: Motivational Non-Fiction

Publisher: Lygb Publishing Agency, Johannesburg, South Africa

Reviewed by: Shane West   

The Readers Express Rating:✪✪✪

Book Review: Buddha said, 'It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light'. The author goes through a similar period while inside the four walls of prison after being convicted of a crime.
       The book is about the transition phase of the author when he attained self-realisation post learning from the mistakes he committed in his life. Although he regrets being too late to achieve it yet he doesn't fret about it and wants to spend the rest of his life in motivating and guiding others. He has strong messages for children and teens and he believes that the young age is the most crucial time when the minds should be nurtured with education and good values. The author believes in the philosophy of 'causal and effect' also called Karma in Buddhism and advises to do and follow good things in life and to distinguish between good and bad there is always the power of education which must be attained by every individual.

     The book is divided into two parts viz. Accept responsibility and Let your greatness begin. Both parts complement each other very well and are easy to read for most English beginners. The message conveyed is very clear and emphasis is given to all important points. The things which could have been improved are the case studies and examples which make a motivational book more interesting. Also adding quotes from eminent philosophers and historical personalities helps in engaging the readers.

    The book has a sound educational connect and could be recommended for educational institutions and libraries. You would definitely want your young ones to be reading this book! Now available for purchase below on our online shop powered by Amazon.

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