Friday 23 December 2016

The Love Prisoner

Author: Margaret Singh Punj

Genre: Fiction/Romance

Publisher: Petals Publishers, India

Reviewed by: Shane West

The Readers Express Rating: ✪✪✪✰✰

Book Review: The story of Amaira- a seemingly next door Indian girl but a fierce warrior from within. Some unfortunate incidents in her life created a force around her psyche which helped her shield herself from vulnerable encounters and circumstances. But little did she know about the void in her which was circumventing inside with the passage of time, until she met another mighty warrior who would pierce through her defenses. Will she surrender to him or pick up her lost shield again?

The plot is interesting but builds up a little late which is why the book seems like just another mushy call center-IITians inspired-Indian authors book in the beginning. The characters are appealing and the author has mastered in portraying their strong emotions. The length of the book is a modest cent but the story manages to maintain a good momentum till the end which is why you would want to read more. I expect the author to come up with a sequel to the open ended story. Find out The Love Prisoner in Amaira now available on our exclusive Amazon book links below.

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