Friday 2 December 2016

The Long White Cloud

Author: M C Raj

Genre: Fiction/Erotica

Publisher: Author M C Raj
Reviewed by: C. Sreedevan

The Readers Express Rating:✪✪✪✪

Book Review: The author tries to dig deep into the muted history and harsh facts of different civilizations with this book. The story revolves around or rather is based on the life of Helen- a bold woman who is passionate to go to any extent and travel to any horizon to open the pandora's box of her self-consciousness. 

Iniyan is an amateur producer from India who is in a relationship with Helen's daughter. She builds an immaculate trust in him and hands him her personal journal offering him the liberty of using it as a script for his productions. As Iniyan goes through her story he realises that Helen's life was way beyond her public identity of being Ngai Tahu's wife- the chieftain of the Maoris- the indigenous tribe of New Zealand. Her strong Indian connection creates ripples in his mind as he rushes back to his country after producing a series on her life.

The book explores the creation and downfall of civilizations, the nexus of religion with violent colonizations and different cultures where sex is manipulated with spirituality. Clearly the author has a good command over anthropology and religious subjects but the one thing that makes him different from most Indian authors is his candid approach without hypocrisy of any sort. He has been blunt with his revelations on spiritual gurus of India. Also with his cross-over story he equates the plight of Dalits in India with the Maoris of New Zealand. 

The writing style is very much modern and easily understandable for most readers. The book gets a little melodramatic in the end (like Indian family movies!) which might sound weird to readers outside Asian subcontinent but that should not discourage anyone from buying this book as the author has just been true to the hysteria of Indian families. Not just entertaining but an equally educational book on civilizations, religion and sex. Book purchase links now available on our reading shelf.

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