Sunday 2 October 2016

The Second First Chance

Author: Blakely Bennett

Genre: Romance/Erotica Fiction

Publisher: Tandem Writers, USA

Reviewed by: C. Sreedevan

The Readers Express Rating:✪✪✪✪✪

Book Review: Very few authors could manage to mix romance with eroticism but the author has done it really well. Infact with this book she has plunged into the depths of sexual fantasies of both a teenage girl and a woman. Not many authors have this uncanny ability to express moments of pleasure and pain with equal elan.

Jayden- a forty eight years old woman is offered a chance to re-unite with her dead husband. Next, she wakes up thirty years back in time and ten years before they first met each other.  As she goes back in the body of an 18 years old girl and in a different time, she has to find someone who could buy her time-travel story. Her best friend from the last life- Packy is the one she relies on but how hard for her is to find her to-be-hubby Callahan and make love again. Will she reveal him about this weird transition? Will he accept her this time? Will co-incidence and reality co-exist? How is it for an experienced woman to be back in her prime? Can she control her sexual vigour and preserve her new found biological virginity for her future man? 

The book gives you many instances of enjoying the humor side of sex. A complete entertainer for adult romance and erotica lovers. Now available on our online shop powered by Amazon!

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