Friday 23 September 2016

Murder For Justice- The Scarlett Fry Series

Author: Dominique L. Watson

Genre: Crime-Fiction

Publisher: Diamond M' Press Publications, USA

Reviewed by: C. Sreedevan 

The Readers Express Rating:✪✪✪✪✪

Book Review: Congratulations to the author for writing an amazing novel and bagging the first FIVE star review on the The Readers Express. The storyline is well narrated right from the beginning and maintains its pace on till the last page!

A gruesome cold blooded murder of a forty-eight year old man in San Diego, California and in comes SDPD Detective Scarlett Fry along with Detective Carr and other colleagues who have a mystery to deal with. The killer seems an amateur and the suspects from within the family yet the case lingers on for weeks due to lack of concrete evidence. Sooner as Fry and Carr get a heads up on the killer, there comes a shocker! Another murder with a similar crime scene! The prime suspect is gone in the trail of blood. Well, I won't disclose much but the array of kills conclude that a serial killer is on the loose and wouldn't stop till justice is served!

      The characters are well marked and our female lead Detective Scarlett Fry is very appealing with CSI series like traits. The plot is crystal clear and anyone can get along easily with the book. There are lots of suspense, mystery elements and page-turners which keep you on your toes as if you are watching a crime series episode. This is surely a next-gen crime story with Detective Fry as your next door detective. 

Join the action as Detective Fry and Carr hustle around the city in search of the psychotic killer. Out now on our Amazon Store below. Hurry before the justice is served!

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