Sunday 4 September 2016

Dead Men Do Come Back

Author: Steven C. Levi

Genre: Crime-Fiction

Publisher: Crime Wave Press, Hong Kong
Reviewed by: C. Sreedevan, Team TRE

The Readers Express Rating:✪✪✪✪

Book Review: No one knows Alaska better than the author! The story is set in the year 1910 when the Labour reforms were still in a nascent stage and women's suffrage movement was rising. The economy was ruled by businessmen and mafia and the general public worked hard to earn a living unaware of the silent conspiracies hatched behind closed doors.

       Amidst all these stood the well respected and brutally honest United States Marshal Gordon Whitford who has got lot many puzzles to solve, one after the another beginning with the dead body of Chilly George found in mysterious circumstances. He was no big shot, not even an offender, not even distantly close to the big guns or goons yet his killing was a planned one! Soon the motives behind a dead body would be revealed as more players come to the fore. The daughter-in-law Harriet, the friend Billy, the Doctor Theobold, the goon Black Jack Ramser, the tycoon C.M. Summers and the head of the Alaskan gold mine Bartlett Thane. The marshal has a tough job of connecting all the suspects while yet another robbery is committed. Gold is the priced catch and he has to dig deep inside the mines to solve the case. All the while he has to face yet another murder as the conspiracies doesn't seem to end. Once again the dead Chilly George comes to his rescue giving the marshal all the clues he needed to get to the perpetrators of the gold heist.

The characters are dark and well plotted which is the strength of a good crime-fiction but what makes the story apart is the impeccable detailing- an art which the author Steven Levi has mastered very well.

How far will the dead body of Chilly George take marshal Whitford in solving the spurt of crimes encircling Alaska? Well he would have to admit, dead men do come back!

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