Saturday 6 August 2016

The Matter of the Vanishing Greyhound

Author: Steve Levi

Genre: Crime-Fiction

Publisher: Publication Consultants, USA
Reviewed by: Shane West, Team TRE

The Readers Express Rating:✪✪✪✪✰

Book Review: The first crime fiction reviewed on The Readers Express truly represents a well woven crime saga. The author creates an impressive quest in the mind of the reader to unravel the shocking mystery behind the vanishing act of a Greyhound bus- part of a 10 million dollar heist.

How could the bus occupied with 4 robbers and hostages totaling 12 on board all of a sudden vanish from a bridge while simultaneously being chased by the police both on road and on air? Here enters Captain Heinz Noonan- the quintessential detective with a repertoire similar to the Sherlock Holmes. He is going to make history and add a bright feather in his cap if he manages to solve this case. As he probes further it doesn't seem a traditional robbery as the criminals are not the ones on the run but are all around him tracking his every move!

The plot is deep and inciting which is vital for a good crime thriller. The protagonist although is strongly characterized but quite stereotypical which could have been more shady and interesting. The climax is a head spinner with unpredictable revelations and explanations by the investigating Captain. Truly the author has mastered the art of creating an impossible crime story!

Will he survive this wrong turn of business and political conspiracies behind the heist? The crime saga is now available on The Readers Express reviewed books column. Simply just a click away!

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