Sunday 24 July 2016

Beyond The Milky Way

Author: Aithal

Genre: Science-Fiction

Publisher: Season Ball, USA
Reviewed by: C. Sreedevan, Team TRE

The Readers Express Rating:✪✪✪✪✰

Book Review: Whoa! This book is the one which completely justifies it's genre. Just as the name suggests it is the journey of two seasoned astronauts and one biological expert into space where their mission is to find the sources of life on a newly discovered planet.

The beginning is very smooth and exciting almost like a NASA documentary giving goosebumps to any space enthusiast. The author ensures to make it more realistic by highlighting the issues faced by the American organisation and makes you realise the need behind spending millions of dollars in space explorations. That being said, you will only get to know its role in saving the human race when you finish the book.

Well the journey continues and the detailing and description is minutely correct with the experiences of the space crew shared in a conversational style. At some point you actually feel the resemblance to the blockbuster hollywood movie 'Gravity' but upon reading further you will find something more gross happening to the crew. Just when you realise they have reached safely back on the earth, the story takes a sinister turn. They are on an earth-like planet but away from our solar system and worse when they are told that they are even away from the milky way! They have landed in another galaxy!!

Do you know about the theory of parallel universes currently boggling the scientific fraternity? Time dilation? Einstein's theories of time travel? The author does a marvelous work of depicting them through his story with an elan that makes even an average reader understand the nuances of Astronomical sciences. 

But that is not all! The author does a conscience-rattling work of comparing science, logic and religion. In one of my favorite quotes below which is given by the alien to the crew while showing them the last days of the earth makes you think in a broader perspective. 
"People on your planet have a desire to hoard precious metals and stones, like gold, silver, diamonds. This greed can never be satiated. While all these are a want, they're never a need. No one can live off these things. Air, water and food are needs. One requires these three things to survive- nothing else. Human greed is infinite. Before they realise it, need becomes a want and turns rapidly into greed. It's been the root cause of your planet's early demise." 

This book deserves 5 stars but as it is the first part of the Galaxy series hence The Readers Express expects more from the author and is confident that the next book will be even better. Truly one of its kind! Grab a copy now! Check out our exclusive links to purchase on the right.

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