About us: The Readers Express or TRE is an initiative of a group of self-published authors who collaborated to cross-review and promote their books. In the world of zillions of titles, the success rate of a book has skewed down with only the ones with mega marketing being able to survive. The self-publishing scams, paid reviews and book promoting sites have found unscrupulous ways of making money by luring media-hungry authors who would pay any dollar or dime to get their book in limelight.

      We believe that only an author can understand the efforts of the another so here we are at The Readers Express where we provide reviews and book promotions by adding links to purchasing sites where any author can review the works of another and even promote each other. Being affiliated with Amazon we make sure that the reviewers get paid when you purchase from the links provided on the site. You can also support us via Pay Pal.

Wanna get reviewed? Just a simple mail to shanewestreviews@gmail.com and we will be right back!

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